1. Venue of the conference

1.1. The meeting will take place at the Kenyatta International Conference Center and the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi located within the Central Business District (CBD)

1.2. The Venue details and contacts are:

  • a) Opening Ceremony Venue:
    Kenyatta International Convention Centre- Amphitheater (KICC)
    Harambee Avenue - entrance through parliament road
    Nairobi, Kenya
    Postal Address 30746-00100, Nairobi.
    Telephone Number: +254 20 3261000 +254 703 769 928
    Website: http://kicc.co.ke
  • b) Bilateral Meetings Venue:
    Intercontinental Hotel
    City-Hall Way, Nairobi Kenya
    Postal Address 30353-00200, Nairobi.
    Telephone Number: +254 20 2219454 +254 20-3200000
    Website: http://www.ihg.com/intercontinentalhotels/gb/en/nairobi/nboha/hoteldetail
  • c. Opening Luncheon
    All registered delegates are invited to an official opening luncheon hosted in their honour on Monday 10th Dec. 2018 at the lower Comesa ground, Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC), starting 1300hrs after the official opening ceremony. Please carry your badge for admission.
  • d. Gala Dinner

    All registered delegates are invited to an official gala dinner hosted in their honour on Monday, 10th December 2018 at the Ivory burning site at the Nairobi National Park starting 1900hrs. An Invitation card will be provided in the conference bag.

    Transport to Nairobi National park will be provided from the Intercontinental Hotel starting 1800hrs to 1900hrs.

    Transport from Nairobi National park to the delegates hotels will be available from 2130hrs to 2330hrs.

  • e. Workshops

    During the Conference there are 6 topical workshops covering areas of interest. The workshops will take place at Intercontinental Hotel from Tuesday 11th to Thursday 13th December 2018.

    For more information please access www.icankenya2018.co.ke/program.

2. Contact Persons

2.1. For assistance and further information on the venue of the meeting or hotels, please contact:

  • ICAO - Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
    Name: Mr. Lawrence K Amukono
    Title: National Continuous Monitoring Coordinator Contact: +254 722 349 320
    Email: lamukono@kcaa.or.ke
  • Security and Transport
    Name: Nicholas Muthisya
    Title: Logistics and Transport Coordinator Contact: +254 720 222 882
    Email: nmuthisya@kcaa.or.ke
  • Venue and Hotels
    Name: Mercy Mbaika
    Title: Corporate Communications
    Contact: +254 720 993 041
    Email: mmbaika@kcaa.or.ke
  • Visa and Protocol
    Name: Beth Mwakio
    Title: Air Transport Officer, KCAA
    Contact: +254 720 947 893
    Email: bmwakio@kcaa.or.ke

    Name: Samson Koech
    Title: Protocol Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Contact: +254 701 905 853
    Email: skoech@mfa.go.ke

3. Registration & Accreditation

3.1. To ensure more effective handling of participant registration and scheduling of negotiation meetings, registration information will be available on the website at: https://www.icao.int/Meetings/ican2018/Pages/Registration.aspx

3.2. Registration of all international delegates will be done online. Please contact ICAO.

3.3. All delegates(International & local) must be accredited by the government of kenya. Delegates should register on www.accreditationkenya.com/ican.

3.4. The official opening of the ICAN Event will take place on Monday 10th December 2018 at 0900hrs at the Kenyatta International Convention Center.

3.5. All registered delegates will collect their accreditation badges as follows:

  • a) Sunday 9th December 2018 12.00noon 6pm at Intercontinental hotel.
  • b) Monday 10th December 2018 0730hrs at Kenyatta International Convention Center.

4. Language & Communication

4.1. The meeting will be conducted in English. Meeting material will ONLY be provided in electronic format. Accordingly, participants are required to bring their own portable computers/laptops configured with Microsoft Windows operating system.

4.2. English and Swahili are well spoken in Kenya.

4.3. Worldwide direct connections are available, using the international code or telephone operator as necessary. From outside Kenya, dial +254 followed by the area code (for landline numbers) and the required number.

Mobile telephone services are quite efficient in Kenya. Some of the main mobile telephone service providers are: Safaricom, AirTel, Telkom and Equitel mobile.

Mobile telephone service providers also provide gateway to internet using 3G and 4G.

Mobile phone SIM cards are easily available at the cost of approximately USD1. Delegates should note that registration is required for activation.

Fixed telephone services are also available at hotels and other facilities. +254 is the international dialing code & 020 is the area code for Nairobi

4.4 Translation services for French speaking nations will only be available during the official opening only.

Delegates can book for translation services for bilateral negotiation meetings upon giving 24hrs notice of the request.

5. Electricity

5.1. Kenya uses the British system standard three pin sockets. Domestic power voltage is 240volts. Participants are encouraged ensure compatibility with their gadgets or to have international power adopters.

6. Programme

6.1. The ICAN 2018 event program can be accessed on the ICAO website at: https://www.icao.int/Meetings/ican2018/Documents/ICAN2018_Programme.pdf

7. Hotels

7.1. The Organizers have negotiated special rates with identified hotels.

7.2. Participants are requested to make their own hotel reservations and indicate that they are attending an ICAN 2018 Event in order to take advantage of the special accommodation rates. A list of recommended hotels/lodges is attached at the end of this bulletin.

8. Weather and Clothing

8.1.While Nairobi is very close to the Equator (about 1.30 S), it is located at a relatively high elevation of about 5000 feet (1524m) above mean sea level. In December the mean minimum/maximum temperatures are between 13°C and 23°C. Please pack your suitcase accordingly.

8.2. Nairobi local time is GMT+3.

9. Visa Requirements for Kenya

9.1. All foreign citizens wishing to travel to Kenya will need an evisa, except citizens from countries who are exempt. Participants are advised to ascertain with the respective Embassies whether or not they are exempt from the Kenyan entry visa requirement http://evisa.go.ke/eligibility.html

9.2. Kenya visas may be applied for on-line through http://evisa.go.ke/evisa.html

9.3. Document required required during visa application are;

  • a. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months with at least 3 free pages.
  • b. 1 recent passport photograph taken against a white background
  • c. A Photocopy of your bio data page.
  • d. ICAO invitation letter
  • e. Valid air ticket
  • f. Hotel stay reservations

9.4. It is important to apply for your e-visas well in advance. This makes the immigration process simpler & faster.

9.5. Foreign exhibitors are required to inform the host country ICAN2018 secretariat through ican@kcaa.or.ke well in advance, details of their exhibits to facilitate customs clearance. All foreign exhibitors are urged to visit the Kenya Revenue Authority website www.kra.go.ke to establish whether their products may require prior approval/ authorization.

9.6. It is illegal to import any plants or plant related materials without clearance. For more information please visit http://www.kephis.org/index.php/phytosanitary-services?start=3

9.7. It is illegal to be found in possession or to trade in (purchase or sell) any form of ivory products in Kenya. http://www.kenyalaw.org/kl/fileadmin/pdfdownloads/Acts/Wildlife__Conservation_and_Management_Act___Cap_376_.pdf

10. Airport Arrival and Transfers

10.1. There will be a meet and greet desk at the airport to support the delegates with any assistance they may require. Be on the lookout for ICAO branded help desk & hostesses.

10.2. From the Airport, scheduled transport will be organised to ferry delegates along specific routes to the listed hotels on request and according to the bus timetable. To access this service delegates must register via email to ican@kcaa.or.ke with your travel itinerary of hotel by Friday, 30th November 2018.

10.3. Taxis are available from the airport to the City Center and the fare is normally between Kshs.2,000 to Kshs. 2,500. However, it is advisable to agree on the fare before getting into the vehicle. Enquiries may be made at the airport information desks/counters upon arrival. Reliable taxis are readily available within the city including taxi hailing Apps.

11. Health

11.1. It is strongly recommended that participants should have travel insurance (including health) for the duration of their stay in Kenya. Participants should particularly ensure that their insurance is applicable in Kenya. Furthermore, they should carry evidence of current health/ hospitalization insurance such as cards that may be produced to health institutions should the need arise. Participants are also encouraged to provide information during registration, on their next of kin who may be contacted on behalf of the participant should the need arise.

11.2. Presentation of a valid yellow fever certificate at the point of entry is required for persons who originate from or have travelled to States where yellow fever is described by the World HealthOrganization (WHO), as endemic, including the following States: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Comoros, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, DRC, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Equatorial, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, Congo, Rwanda, São Tomé and Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Togo and Uganda.

11.3.Persons who fail to produce a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate to the port health officials may be required to take the vaccination at the point of entry against payment of US$15 (subject to change by the appropriate authority). The officials may take other action in accordance with applicable regulations and procedures. For more information participants may wish to visit the World Health Organization (WHO) website http://www.who.int/ith/ for information on Kenya.

12. Banks

12.1. The basic unit of currency is the Kenyan shilling (Kshs.), which is divided into 100 cents. There are silver and bronze coins of 1, 5, 10, 20 and 40 shillings. Notes are issued in denominations of 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 shillings.

12.2. The Kenya shilling exchange rates are determined by the interbank trade which varies daily. Participants may wish to obtain current information from the internet.

12.3. Commercial banks and forex bureaux provide exchange facilities. Most banks are open between 0900hrs to 1600hrs from Monday to Friday and between 0900hrs to 12.00noon on the first and last Saturday of the month. Some forex bureaux may be open outside these hours. Hotels also offer exchange facilities but at an extra fee and/or less favourable rates. Easiest currencies to exchange are the US Dollar, Sterling pound and the Euro. On arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), forex services are available within customs hall, from 7.00 am to midnight.

12.4. Major international credit cards are accepted in Kenya. Most banks have Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) accepting various international cards. Most establishments & service providers accept them.

13. Local ICAN website and Mobile App

13.1. Delegates are encouraged to access the host country ICAN 2018 website www.icankenya2018.co.ke

13.2. The ICAN 2018 mobile app is available on

14. Cuisine

Being a vibrant cosmopolitan city, Nairobi offers various dining options ranging from Korean BBQ to French Novelle Cuisine, Ethiopian Injera to a Traditional Roast Sunday lunch, Hamburgers to Tandoori specialties, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, or a new and unexpected treat.

Kenyans are formidable meat eaters. One of the best-known Kenyan specialties is Nyama Choma- meaning literally ‘roasted meat’. There are many popular ‘Choma Joints’ in most Kenyan towns. Probably the best known is Nairobi’s Carnivore, Kenya’s most famous restaurant.

When dining in Kenya, leaving a tip is voluntary but considered courteous. The same applies to tipping hotel porters.

15. Doing Business

Businesses and government offices in Kenya are open Monday to Friday from 0800hrs - 1300hrs and 1400hrs - 1700hrs. Some offices also are open on Saturdays from 0800hrs to 1200noon. However, some shopping malls operate until late in the night. Delegates who wish to shop may seek advice from their hotels on the nearest shopping facilities.

A formal handshake (using the right hand) is the standard form of greeting. It is customary to lower your gaze when greeting someone who is older or of a higher professional rank than you. Address Kenyans by their surname and title unless you are invited to use their first name.

Suits are the expected attire for business meetings, though a shirt and tie will suffice in less formal situations. Kenyans are quite conservative and advance appointments are required for meetings. Call ahead if you are likely to be late.

Most business people speak English and it is customary to exchange business cards. Small talk is normal, and it may take some time to get to the point of a meeting.

When negotiating a price, some haggling is expected, but angry exchanges are to be avoided.